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Tones and textures reminiscent of distant lands and rare marbles

The new essences of Marazzi The Top evoke the macro-geometries of quartz, the compactness of volcanic stones, and the veined graphics of metamorphic rocks, dotted with imperceptible pebbles.

Marazzi The Top is a tool for design, offering large slabs for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, tables, vertical coverings, and furniture. Its colors and finishes can be combined with many materials, creating continuity and dialogue between different environments, whether private, contract, indoor, or outdoor.

It features extremely refined and defined essences that are more sustainable and lighter than their natural counterparts, allowing for highly personalized applications. These essences can be applied even to surfaces in contact with food, thanks to the Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology incorporated into the production process, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Marazzi The Top Collection _ Clerkenwell Design Week 2024
Marazzi The Top Collection

The Marazzi The Top collection has been expanded with two new marble essences (Patagonia and Taj Mahal), five stone effects (Travertine, available in four colors including the new red, Breccia Imperiale, Berici, Bahia Black, and Silver Root, the latter with possible bookmatch installation), and the cement effect from the Cementum collection, now also available in large slabs. The extension of stones and marbles in porcelain evokes rare and sophisticatedly beautiful materials from distant lands like Brazil.

Patagonia evokes Permatite, a volcanic material that combines granitic minerals and quartz in fascinating macro-geometries, while Taj Mahal recalls Brazilian white quartzite with a neutral and warm background and a transparency reminiscent of onyx. These two different essences have a refined aesthetic impact but are versatile in use and can be boldly combined with stone or dark marble effects, as well as woods and cement effects. Brazilian quartzite is reinterpreted in the Bahia Black essence, with intense black tones.

Marazzi The Top Collection

Silver Root, on the other hand, recalls Turkish marble with “rocky” veins, while Breccia Imperiale evokes another Brazilian quartzitic stone, with warm grey tones and richly dotted textures with pebbles and white veins. Surface effects are enhanced by 3D Ink digital printing technology, allowing perfect matching between graphics and three-dimensional surface structures, different in each slab.

The new essences show Marazzi‘s attention to recreating the material structure and color definition of the original material, with a general respect for the material and environmental sustainability. The closed-loop processing plants use cutting-edge machinery that minimizes resource use and recovers all waste materials.


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