Medelhan: a unique network made of carefully selected architects and companies

Founded by Roberto Cuneo, the platform serves as a bridge, connecting companies and architects globally. It simplifies the process of finding suitable business partners, resulting in time and resource savings

In this interview, we delve into the entrepreneurial design journey of Roberto Cuneo, the Founder of Medelhan, and get to know more about his project.

The platform he created aims at connecting companies and architects on an international scale, streamlining the search for business partners and saving valuable time and resources. The Medelhan community consists of decision-makers in architecture, real estate, design, and hospitality, focusing on high-end projects and fostering exclusive connections.

Through its online presence and offline events, it provides architects with a unique opportunity to network, collaborate, and engage with carefully selected companies.

Roberto Cuneo, Founder of Medelhan
Roberto Cuneo, Founder of Medelhan

Who is Roberto Cuneo and how did his entrepreneurial design journey begin?

Roberto Cuneo:

“I am the Founder of Medelhan, a company that emerged amidst a pandemic to address a market need and fill a gap in an outdated system. My entrepreneurial design journey was sparked by a combination of my innate passion for design, influenced by my upbringing surrounded by iconic furniture pieces, and my life experiences transitioning from the fashion industry to the world of design.”

Why did Medelhan choose to focus on a platform that connects companies and architects on an international scale? How does it work?

Roberto Cuneo:

“Medelhan was born out of my existing relationships with influential architects, designers, developers, builders, and top managers in the furniture, design, and finishes industries. These connections highlighted the need for a platform that facilitates finding the right business partners efficiently.

Medelhan aims to eliminate the time and financial investments typically required in the search process for both sellers and buyers. The platform carefully selects and profiles professionals and decision-makers in the furniture, architecture, design, and real estate sectors, providing visibility and facilitating direct business interactions.”

Medelhan _ architects and brand network _ interview with Roberto Cuneo
Medelhan Talks

What characterizes the Medelhan community? What services do you offer, and what benefits do participating architects and companies gain?

Roberto Cuneo:

“The Medelhan community comprises decision-makers in the architecture, real estate, design, and hospitality fields. It is an exclusive network reserved for those involved in high-end projects, particularly individuals who hold influential roles. Architects who join Medelhan become part of this community and gain access to valuable networking opportunities both online and offline. Medelhan operates through its website, magazine (Design Courier), and offline events in Italy and the USA.

The platform connects architects with carefully selected companies, enabling them to establish direct contacts. By participating in Medelhan, architects save time, gain visibility among sector decision-makers, and seize significant project opportunities.”

In a design world filled with platforms and communities, what distinguishes Medelhan from the rest and why?

Roberto Cuneo:

“While the design industry is indeed abundant with platforms and products, Medelhan sets itself apart through its closed platform approach. Unlike others, we prioritize genuine interactions between real people rather than selling large quantities of clicks or downloadable catalogs. The platform fosters direct communication between potential customers and suppliers, ensuring a more personalized and effective experience.”

Orablu Apartment, Milano – © Beppe_Raso

What factors currently make Italian design companies attractive to international architecture firms? Is it solely the “Made in Italy” factor, or are there additional considerations?

Roberto Cuneo:

“Italian design companies have achieved success in luxury design projects due to several factors. Notably, their appeal stems from qualities such as impeccable quality, meticulous attention to detail, a unique style, the ability to interpret and bring ideas to life, and exceptional craftsmanship that allows for product customization. While the “Made in Italy” factor is undoubtedly influential, there are various aspects that contribute to the attractiveness of Italian design companies to international architecture firms.”

Medelhan _ architects and brand network _ interview with Roberto Cuneo
Radisson Collection, Shanghai, China, DE.TALES – © DE.TALES

What is the next step for Medelhan?

Roberto Cuneo:

“Medelhan is a continuously evolving venture characterized by its flexibility and agility to adapt quickly to new opportunities worldwide. The specific future plans may not be known today, but we are focused on the technological development of the platform, aiming to create a unique and immersive experience aligned with the demands of our times. Additionally, an international expansion into strategic areas beyond Italy, America, and China is on the horizon, with regions like the Middle East being of particular interest.”


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