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Mizetto pays homage to its native Småland with new office collections

Shelving system ‘Understand’ and high desk ‘Hangout’ allow for thinking outside the box and free-flowing creativity.

Characterised by their playfulness, the collections cover all the bases with a range of designs and accessories for the office. ‘Understand’ and ‘Hangout’, designed by Addi Designstudio and produced by Mizetto, are just a few pieces of the wide array that demonstrate Mizetto’s mission to transform environments into versatile spaces that leave room for imagination. Through its creative, idea-rich design processes, Mizetto’s pieces pay homage to Småland’s traditions of furniture making, with the use of wood in firm focus. 

“Understand” builds spaces and voids

“Understand” is a sculptural shelving system and room divider for many different environments, where different modules create a freestanding entity. The furniture system plays with the idea of gravitation and has no clear limits or limitations, with its levitating boxes and shapes.

“Understand” stands for full flexibility and embodies the expression ‘thinking outside of the box’ with its ability to change, with many colors, material and shape options. The piece has an architectural elegance that can be both minimal as well as playful. 

Spaces and voids, sometimes the unpainted brushstrokes are most crucial. Our inspiration for designing Understand was weightlessness. When we twisted and turned the modules, a flexible and obvious shelf emerged. Few modules create an infinite universe.” says Addi Designstudio.

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“Hangout” is your office companion

“Hangout” is a natural companion at the office; a high desk for the activity-based workspace, a mobile and easily-accessible space for quick and creative meetings where thoughts can flow freely.

The table combines a surface, for showcasing and pinning things, with a room divider thanks to its multifunctional sides. “Hangout” is, as it sounds, a place for spontaneous conversation or meeting, free of distractions like wires or built-in tech.

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