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This futuristic wall lamp by From Lighting is surprisingly simple

Piazza is a magnetic wall lamp, designed to move freely and easily on the surface of a metal board according to the user’s needs.

Deep technological research, a poetic approach, rigorous aesthetics and a keen attention to detail are the key elements of new independent lighting brand From Lighting.

Designed by Italian lighting specialists From Lighting, the company wanted to design something that was easy to use but impactful to look at. As such, the functionality is incredibly simple.

Both models feature heads that can be rotated 360 degrees thanks to the magnetic, powder coated steel base, which was designed and developed in-house alongside the die-cast aluminium shell.

Piazza magnetic wall lamp by From Lighting _ Cover
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Here contains the LED light source that gives the light the look of an electronic device, like an iPad or a TV screen. 

“The main parts are made of aluminium which can of course be recycled,” says Tobias Nitsche who co-founded From Lighting with fellow industrial designer Cesare Bizzotto.

“Sustainability in general is a key value of our doing. We use eco-friendly packaging, recyclable materials, and try to make our products so well that our customers keep them for a long time.”

Piazza magnetic wall lamp by From Lighting _ Round
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“The lamp head of the Piazza is where all the magic happens,” says Nitsche. “We designed and developed a flat 16 by 16 cm panel that has enough light output for a wall lamp that should serve different purposes.”

The board comes in two different versions including a linear configuration and a circular one, which can be used as an ambient light for reading or working. 

Minimal in design, striking in appearance

The Piazza magnetic wall lamps give great sculptural impact to any architectural environment thanks to their minimal appearance.

“We love the fact that the lamp head is abstract in its aesthetics,” says Nitsche.

“It has no classic light bulb and no lamp shade. Instead it reminds us more of an electronic device [with a] techie feel contrasted very well with the human interaction when it comes to moving the lamp around manually.”

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Piazza magnetic wall lamp by From Lighting _ Cover
@ From Lighting
Piazza magnetic wall lamp by From Lighting _ Detail
@ From Lighting
@ From Lighting
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