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Pieces that evoke the floral world and the circularity of seasons

A stunning collection of sculptural coffee tables skillfully made from 3D printed lightweight foaming bioplastic – NYXO innovatively fabricates Primavera.

Exploring new material technology, design studio NYXO innovatively  fabricates ‘Primavera’ – a stunning collection of sculptural coffee tables skillfully made from 3D printed lightweight foaming bioplastic. 

Its organic fluid shape seamlessly combined with geometric rigor – brilliantly symbolizes the regeneration of natural cycles. 

Celebrating new life of the material with sinuous curves and a feast of bold colors – the pattern of each object further evolves along the height, gaining complexity from the base to the top” says founders Mirko and Michele Daneluzzo.

Beautifully blooming in the form of an iconic family of products, this flower-inspired breathtaking collection features – Camelia, Azalea, Dalia and Felce.

Embodying a contemporary twist – Camelia’s sassy curves gives a fresh yet romantic personality to this eclectic piece of furniture inspired by the botanical emblem of love. 

Primavera by NYXO

Three-dimensional and dynamic, its evanescent texture as well as one-of-a-kind graphic note effortlessly expresses passion and gracefulness.

Defined by a labyrinthine surface – Azalea, on the other hand, portrays the abundance of voluminous blooms and encompasses a continuous flow of lines that grounds the table to the floor in an harmonious manner. 

Sibylline enchanter with a dark side, this eye-catching twisty object comprises a distinctive personality.

Additionally featuring curves, overlaps and shadows – Dalia’s elaborate geometry intrigues the eye with extraordinary emotional perspective effects.

Influenced by the flower Dahlia, a timeless symbol of elegance and purity – its central void is the focal point from which the sinuous rays draw a graceful and continuous pattern.

The top is contoured by precise curves flowing into delicate hues and a dense outline of the petals gives strength as well as elegance.

Lastly, the body of the alluring table Felce rises in an intricate fresh lush green spiral and the ribs bend as if slightly moved by the wind in a mesmerizing swirl. 
“Inspired by the fern, one of the oldest plants existing on earth – its fascinating top pattern is defined by wavy curves reminiscent of plant fronds” they say.

Primavera by NYXO


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