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With influences from bygone eras, these hues and forms embrace a modern sensibility

A&B Living, in collaboration with designer Philippe Nigro, presents two new offerings: the Marechiaro boiserie system in fresh and vibrant finishes, and the iconic Rye Ray vases

Teaming up with the designer Philippe Nigro, A&B Living recently launched the Marechiaro system in vibrant new shades and introduced the Rye Ray vase collection, which offers a modern reinterpretation of an ancient Greek archetype.

Founded in 2019 by Alessio Bernardini, the company is renowned for its meticulous handcrafting, placing the human touch at the forefront in the creation of furniture with profound symbolic worth.

With its commitment to exploration and a shared passion among a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds, A&B Living stands as a shining example of how ancient crafts can seamlessly integrate into the contemporary landscape, evolving through innovative interpretations to become a moral and societal binding agent.

Marechiaro boiserie and Rye Ray vases collection by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living
Marechiaro by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living

Marechiaro embraces the color

Since 2022, Philippe Nigro’s signature has graced numerous products in A&B Living’s collections, and this year, Marechiaro, known for its clean and precise lines, has been enriched with three distinct shades: blue, red, and green. In this way, color transforms into a decorative element, triumphing over form and taking the spotlight.

The bold personality of this modular piece is magnified by the trendy colors and palettes, offering contemporary audiences the chance to personalize their interiors to suit their tastes and spaces. Marechiaro isn’t limited to just wall paneling with customizable wooden panels; it can also serve as a room divider or screen, dividing spaces without creating rigid partitions.

Sketches, Marechiaro by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living

The outcome isn’t just about separation; it’s about connection and unity, achieved through interplays of light and a spectrum of colors. Adding color to Marechiaro is the final touch needed to elevate it into an even more distinctive and contemporary design masterpiece.

Rye Ray vases: versatile items, each with its distinct character

They feature a robust wooden framework housing a glass core and are adorned with an engaging seagrass weave pattern that appeals to both sight and touch.

Marechiaro boiserie and Rye Ray vases collection by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living
Rye Ray vase collection by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living

Rye Ray’s aesthetic and expressive power emerges as it reconciles an apparent contradiction between its distinctly contemporary lines and the historical depth of meticulous marqueterie de paille craftsmanship.

Each piece is meticulously crafted with straw, creating ever-evolving patterns that lend the vases a sophisticated and dynamic three-dimensional quality.

Sketches, Rye Ray vase collection by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living

This distinctive technique, a hallmark of A&B Living’s style, results in unique, brilliantly hued creations that can steal the spotlight in mesmerizing displays of light.


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