Your office everywhere: SnapFIT is the modular hardware for nomadic professionals

SnapFIT Tech has developed a whole new concept solving critical issues for smart and remote workers. Customizable hardware made of modules, SnapFIT opens up to infinite possibilities.

The pandemic has drastically changed the working habits of millions of workers, multinationals as Ford recently announced a complete transition to smart working others, as SalesForce, were already embracing a flexible approach to work. The benefits deriving from smart working are numerous, improved balance among work and private life, reduction of daily journeys house-office with a consequent emissions reduction and an overall flexibility in managing workload.

However, the drastic need to change the usual way of working – wake up in the morning, car or public transport, and eight hours in the office – has also brought with it numerous critical issues. One above all: houses are different from the workplace, the home is deliberately separated from work. Now traditional working relationships are weakened, interaction with customers and relationships with colleagues are delegated to call on Zoom and emails.

SnapFIT aims at overcoming smart and remote working-related problems with a modular and customizable hardware product – ©SnapFIT Tech

The story

In this new context, an Italian startup was born and has developed a product capable of overcoming these problems with a modular and customizable hardware product. SnapFIT Tech, this is the name of the startup, starts its history during the course of 2020, in February the incubation program offered by Eptagon Lab in collaboration with PoliHub lays the foundation, in few months the team finalises the design and defines each module features. In October the startup is selected by PoliHub in the Switch2Product program as one of the most interesting startups working on products.

If you have experienced smart working or working from home, you may be wondering What is the office actually for?

So what’s exactly SnapFIT Tech?

SnapFIT Tech Srl is an innovative startup, designing and manufacturing the best solution for smart and remote workers with a strong vision: your office everywhere. The main features of SnapFIT are modularity, which allows the development of a wide range of accessories configurable and tailored to the customer depending on his needs, and the simplistic and distinctive design aimed at the user experience.

The main problem addressed is related to the intrinsic characteristic of Laptop accessories and tools, they are not homogenous, in shape, design and features, are not standardised in charging, USB C, micro USB, etc, are not compatible, none of the actual product on the market is designed from scratch to work with other different products. These problems inevitably drive to an accessory overwhelming, charging panic, reduced portability, and concern in managing all the necessary tools needed to work effectively.

Italian innovation to the core

An Italian company at 360 degrees, everything is designed, prototyped and manufactured in Italy with the support of market leaders partners. Certainly, the design process is one of most innovative aspect of SnapFIT Tech indeed, all the designs, prototypes and the whole process is focused on the creations of uniques products enhancing user experience and interactions.

This aspect is common in many designs and product companies. However, the characterizing element of SnapFIT Tech is given by the ability to create a modern product, capable of interacting with the platform ecosystem, and thus a product always consistent over time.

Current and futures patents definitely play a significant role in the development of the company in the upcoming months. This aspect is even more significant considering the fact that all the future decisions and further developments regarding features to include are made working closely with the community suggesting and voting on which modules to create.

SnapFIT is designed, prototyped and manufactured in Italy with the support of market leaders partners – ©SnapFIT Tech
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