Meet the device packed with extraordinary features and endless connectivity options

Teenage Engineering designs TX–6 – an ultra-portable, battery-powered mixer and multi-channel audio interface.

Smallest of its kind with more than meets the eye, Sweden-based Teenage Engineering crafts an ultra-portable, battery-powered mixer and multi-channel audio interface – ‘TX–6’.

Comparable to larger units but with even more technology in one sturdy little machine – this eclectic product is skillfully engineered for portability, encased in CNC aluminum with 2k molding, custom-made encoders, faders and PCB.

It brilliantly features a 6 channel stereo mixer with a configurable knob layout – one can choose to have the three-band eq at their fingertips or customize each knob to control any preferred setting. 

Its narrow profile allows one to effortlessly utilize all 6 channels at once and each channel further has an adjustable compressor.

This minimalistic object additionally comprises 8 built-in effects where one can explore features including – reverb, chorus, delay and creative effects such as freeze, tape, filter and distortion. 

Turned on its side it can be used as a DJ mixer and utilized as a – portable synthesizer, sequencer with 4 oscillator waveforms as well as 4 synthesized drum sounds. One can use tempo sync to stay on the beat.

TX-6 by  teenage engineering
© teenage engineering

TX–6 can be utilized as a wireless controller as well for other ble midi devices or trigger and sync the internal synthesizer as well as sequencer from other sources.

When ready for the studio, it also acts like a 12 channel audio interface and can be seamlessly connected to iOS devices.

Lastly, its rechargeable battery holds for about 8 hours and for energy efficiency – the display automatically goes to sleep when not in use and the led strength is completely adjustable.

“Designed to fit TX–6 field mixer and constructed in heavy duty fabric and hardware – the field bags are designed for durability, ready to be used” says the studio.

© teenage engineering
TX-6 by  teenage engineering
© teenage engineering


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