Excellent minimal wooden toys for your little ones

Take a look at these stunning wooden toys that are guaranteed to last a lifetime and encourage your children’s creativity

Wooden toys are not just about sustainability. According to research, they offer a more tranquil play experience. Less noise and lights – more peacefulness. Unlike plastic toys, wooden ones can teach a child many things. From problem-solving to object permanence – playing is both fun and educational. 

Another huge advantage of wooden toys? Their design. With our help, discover some of the most beautiful minimal wooden toys available.

1. Booca toy

When you first look at the Booca toy, it might be tricky to understand whether it’s a puzzle or a racing car. As it turns out – it’s both. The hybrid toy car (and the puzzle board game) is a great way to teach your little one about our world. With magnetic blocks and diverse materials, the toy can be put together in several different configurations. For this reason, it’s also an excellent option for boosting a child’s creativity through playfulness and experimentation.

The Booca toy allows children (mainly toddlers) to create a racing track and introduce themselves to different geometric shapes, colors, and textures.

Booca - minimal wooden toys
© Booca Toy

2. Newtons by Studio Yo

The best toys are those which allow children’s imaginations to run freely. This is exactly what the creation of Japan-based Studio Yo offers. Their collection Newtons features warm wooden products with a magnetic force, which can be used in several ways. Musical instruments, games, everyday items – they can become whatever you wish.

The founders of the company – You and Kyoko Mizoguchi – drew their inspiration for the project from the fascinating tradition of Shizuoka turnery. As they say themselves, “Newtons is a piece of everyday art.” We couldn’t agree more!

© Studio Yo

3. Loggo by Max Hartmann

Nothing beats a good stacking game! Little ones know this well. But building a tower isn’t just a fun activity. It also teaches children how to balance things and practice hand-eye coordination. Among the coolest stacking games on the market is Loggo – the creation of German-based designer Max Hartmann.

As Hartmann explains, he spent a year searching for ways to create a minimalistic yet exciting wooden toy that wouldn’t take too much time to produce. The best part? The game has no rules, meaning kids can explore their playfulness. Create a TV tower, a meerkat, or a ballerina – Loggo is an excellent encourager of spatial thinking.

The beautiful cylindrical-shaped blocks are made of beech wood, Canadian walnut wood, and a mixed set of them.

Loggo by IDA - minimal wooden toys
© Max Hartmann

4. Classic wood baby rattle by Homi

Wooden toys are not only suited for toddlers or older kids. You can also introduce them to your baby. This well-designed example is offered by Homi Baby – a Utah-based company whose products are prepared by a fantastic network of independent makers. Impressively, most of them are work-from-home moms, so they know exactly what’s best for the little ones.

In the rattle creation process, the company uses hard maple and birch hardwoods, which ensure a smooth finish. If you choose a colored one, you can have peace of mind, knowing they feature water-based, 100% non-toxic paints.

Homi Rattle
© Homi

5. Skwish Natural by Manhattan Toy

When it comes to wooden toys, it’s safe to say Manhattan Toy is the pioneer of development play. One of their most recognized products is the award-winning Skwish, which features springy elastic strung placed between rubberwood teether rods. 

This is a multi-sensory toy, which is sure to entertain your baby. Not only does it teaches the concept of cause and effect, but it can also improve your bundle of joy’s motor skills.

Skwish - minimal wooden toys
© Manhattan Toy

End notes

The advantages of wooden toys are more than obvious. Compared to their plastic counterparts, they last a much longer time but biodegrade quicker. Thanks to their minimalist aesthetic, they are a much more suitable choice for parents who seek toys that won’t destroy their space’s look. 

It’s like killing two birds with one stone – these toys foster the curiosity and creativity of your little ones and also make your home more stylish.


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