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Here are 7 stylish cat tree design products to enhance your interior spaces

Modern and well-designed: these handpicked cat tree and furniture projects won’t make you sacrifice style or elegance

Did you know that cats naturally prefer to sit up high? Felines love to keep an eye on everything happening at all times. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a sleek cat tree design solution, which doesn’t just provide a safe space for them but also a playground to have fun at.

Well, easier said than done. If aesthetics matter to you, it can be difficult to find a cat tree that serves its purpose and is well-designed. Luckily for you, we’ve done the digging! These examples of cat trees and furniture seamlessly integrate with their surroundings and offer both comfort and style.

Infinity DIY by Petlibro

Cats, like humans, require their own space to have fun, adventure, and rest. This cat tree is made of human-grade materials that last a long time. Designed with our curious feline friends in mind, the creation of Petlibro comes in various shapes and sizes. Since it can be transformed into many different combinations, your pet will have something new to explore daily. 

Finding a stylish playground for your cat isn’t easy, but the Infinity DIY customizable modular tree proves it is possible.

Infinity DIY by Petlibro / 7 sleek cat tree design products

Modern Cat Tree NEKO by Yoh Komiyama

Yoh Komiyama creates the Modern Cat Tree NEKO, an enticing structure that supports a loving bond between humans and cats. Oriented vertically, it provides cats with a private space to rest and play. Thanks to the nature of the structure, it works well as a decorative interior object in any setting. 

The cat tree features glances between each cylinder post, which allows the presence of both a cat and a human.  This, in turn, can help you and your furry friend have a deeper level of intimacy. The tree is stabilized by the low center of gravity provided by the Greek marble used for the base. Marble is also important for regulating cats’ body temperature more effectively.

In his work, Komiyama attempts to incorporate architectural modernism into the design of recreational cat furniture.

Modern Cat Tree NEKO by Yoh Komiyama / 7 sleek cat tree design products

Igloo by Teixeira Design Studio

In small spaces, finding a place for a cat tree or bed can be challenging. A great solution to this is João Teixeira’s integrated design, ‘Igloo’, which provides a cat bed and a coffee table. Your furry friend can be warm and happy while your home remains modern and sophisticated.

The sphere shape of the bed itself was inspired by the typical cat sleeping patterns. According to the designer, he put aesthetics aside, making sure furry friends’ comfort came first.

Igloo by Teixeira Design Studio / 7 sleek cat tree designs for your space
Igloo by Teixeira Design Studio / 7 sleek cat tree design products

Three Poles Cat Tower by Jiyoun Kim Studio

Humans and pets should share a single space – this is the idea behind the Three Poles Collection created by Jiyoun Kim Studio together with Milliong. Still, even today, it’s not easy to find pet furniture that ticks all the boxes of comfort and aesthetics. The Three Poles Cat Tower is a pleasant exception.

To achieve a sleek yet solid structure, the team paid big attention to the choice of material and color. The cat tree is made with round birch plywood and three metal rods.

Three Poles Cat Tower by Jiyoun Kim Studio - cat tree designs
Three Poles Cat Tower by Jiyoun Kim Studio / 7 sleek cat tree design products

Peekaboo by Tuft and Paw

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you already know how much they like hiding in closed-off, sometimes quite strange places. Instead of filling your space with used boxes and other poor-looking items your pet falls in love with, choose this tent-style cat bed by Tuft and Paw!

Peekaboo has three small windows allowing the cat to move as it wishes and observe the beyond.  The tent can pride itself on having a clever construction and a straightforward setup, combining robustness and whimsy in a playful package. 

Its smooth, minimal, and welcoming design is influenced by Scandinavian arts and crafts. What’s more, Peekaboo is extremely long-lasting due to its use of high-quality materials. 

Peekaboo by Tuft and Paw - cat tree designs / 7 sleek cat tree designs for your space
Peekaboo by Tuft and Paw / 7 sleek cat tree design products

Okawa’s Cat Furniture

Imagine a set of furniture that’s designed specifically for your furry friend! All pet owners wish to give their animal companions the best. This cat furniture by Okawa is nothing less than that.

The Japanese company creates handcrafted furniture that’s adjusted to the world of cats. Within the collection, there are many options to choose from. Santa Fe Sofa, Raffine Bed for a cat, Banard 2P Sofa, Tree Bench, Pancone, and Toko bed – you can pick a shape and size that fits your space best. 

Through their work, they hope to support a new generation of artisans. In fact, many professional craftsmen have contributed to the creation of Okawa’s furniture. 

Okawa Cat Furniture
Okawa’s Cat Furniture / 7 sleek cat tree design products

The Adventure Tent by Tinker Trading Co 

Canadian Tinker Trading Co‘s Adventure Tent is a modern cat bed, hammock, and tent all in one. The cats will surely adore the experience of hiding beneath and hanging out of the only pet tent on the market with a built-in hammock and a raised floor. 

The best part – The Adventure Tent does not require any tools to assemble. That means less hassle for you! What’s more, it’s easy to move from one spot to another. Since it comes with a packable for travel storage, you can take it with you wherever you go.

The Adventure Tent by Tinker Trading Co / 7 sleek cat tree designs for your space
The Adventure Tent by Tinker Trading Co / 7 sleek cat tree design products

End notes

Even if it seems like your cat doesn’t need anything more than your snuggles, they could highly benefit from a well-designed cat tree. The best cat tree design products on the market provide climbing, lounging, and scratching areas, which appeal to the instincts of furry friends.

Soft fabrics, innovative ideas, and great aesthetics – these cat trees will be the perfect escape for your animal companion.


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