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Sinot launches its luxury hydrogen-powered superyacht

The futuristic concept Aqua, created by the Dutch Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design, is a 112 meters long luxury yacht completely hydrogen-powered

Dutch company Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design presented its first eco-friendly yacht at Monaco Yacht Show. The concept, called Aqua, is 112 meters long, in addition to being equipped with 5 decks, a yoga studio, a beauty salon, a massage room, and a cascading pool.

In a historical period where environmental issues are on the front page of all the world news, the nautical sector could not avoid playing its part in safeguarding nature: ecology enters the companies of the section as a life philosophy and as a fundamental principle on which to aim for a more responsible and eco-sustainable future.

Aqua is fueled by liquified hydrogen, stored at extremely low temperatures, in vacuum-isolated tanks.

A spiral staircase in the centre of the yacht leads to the bottom deck where the 28-ton tanks set behind strengthened glass, designed to keep the liquid hydrogen stable at -253° C.

Aqua, designed by Sinot, is fed by converting liquid hydrogen into electrical energy
The luxury yacht, launched by Sinot, is powered by hydrogen

Despite being only a concept at the moment, Aqua would be capable of running at 17 knots of speed, with an autonomy of more than 6.000 kilometres. Simply converting liquid hydrogen into electrical energy by proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, water is the only by-product.

The sharp-shaped superyacht would accommodate 14 guests and 31 crew members, offering a high-end indoor health and wellness center featuring a gym, a hydro-massage room and a yoga studio, as well as indoor-outdoor entertaining spaces and a formal dining area.

Aqua, designed by Sinot, is able to accommodate 14 guests and 31 crew memebers
Sinot equipped Aqua with a breathtaking cascading pool on the deck

Entirely designed with a hit of Japanese influence for the interior, Aqua’s exterior look is inspired by ocean swells with a sculpted hull intersected by glass windows. Additionally, Aqua provides an observatory on its bow, accommodating 2 people to enjoy the view of the sea through giant windows, and a helipad. 

Another interesting project about sustainable sea travel is the X Shore Eelex 8000: a 100% electric propulsion boat, launched by the Swedish company X Shore, which appears to be the first floating Tesla.


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