Concept design

Welcome to the world of concept design, where the early stages of the creative process come alive. With the advent of powerful graphic software, the boundaries of what can be achieved during this phase have been shattered, allowing for stunning levels of quality and realism. In this section, we invite you to embark on a curated journey, where we showcase a selection of the most representative concept designs. Explore the realms of architecture, product design, and beyond as we unveil the visionary creations that shape our future. From awe-inspiring structures that defy gravity to ingenious product concepts that push the boundaries of innovation, each piece tells a story of creativity, passion, and boundless potential.

Come grate a slice of la dolce vita!

Founded by industrial designer Khodi Feiz and graphic designer Anneko Feiz-van Dorssen – Amsterdam-based Feiz Design Studio fabricates a simplistic yet useful ‘Giano Parmesan Grater’ for […]

Unwind, sit back and relax

Seamlessly encompassing organic LED’s thin and light characteristics, Seoul-based industrial designers Hyeona Kim & WooSeok Lee conceptualize a 43-inch portable smart home display system – ‘Easel’. […]

These everyday objects are très extraordinaire

The French language comprises a mélange of expressions that beautifully paint daily situations – researching around this; France-based product designer Lucas Lorigeon creates fascinating outdoor objects.  […]